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"Characteristics of Financial and Strategic buyers and potential situations in which one
might be more appropriate over the other."

"Ten ways to help you in your negotiations to create value for a deal."

"Valuing a business using a measure other than new income or new cash flow."

"No matter the size of the industry, if you go with an industry expert to value and sell your or
your client's business, be sure that the expert also has deal expertise."

"Highlights of the requirements of pertinent sections of gift tax disclosure rules including Statute
of Limitations, disclosures of transfers of property and appraisals in lieu of information required."

"Personal liquidity needs of business owners exist in both slow and robust economic times,
private equity can provide a potential for liquidity in a slower economy."

"Fairness opinions are used to assist directors in making decisions concerning a transaction
and to protect decision makers from claims which may arise from
violations of the business judgment rule."